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Review of "Waking Up to What You Do"

By Diane Eshin Rizzetto
Shambhala, 2005
Review by Patricia Ball on Aug 15th 2006
Waking Up to What You Do

This book is about the effective practice for meeting every moment of our lives with mindfulness, using the Zen precepts as tools to develop a keen awareness of the motivations behind every aspect of our behavior -- to "wake up to what we do" -- from moment to moment.

As we train in mindfulness of our actions, every situation of our lives becomes our teacher, offering priceless insight into what it really means to be happy. It's a simple practice with transforming potential, enabling us to break through our habitual reactions and to see clearly how our own happiness and well-being are intimately, inevitably connected to the happiness and well-being of everyone around us.

Observing ourselves as we speak, engaging the power of awareness and alerting ourselves to how we fuel our actions. Buddhists believe that all life arises out of and continues forth through a vast and fathomless, pure, clear mind. How we look at others is how we look at ourselves.

The eight out of ten precepts that are taught in this book explain how we can liberate ourselves from our thoughts, feelings and sensations. It shows us how to break down the walls that separate us from a happy existence and how our reactive behavior alienates us from others.

This book is a liberating invitation for anyone wanting to break open their usual "reactive thinking" and instead "find real freedom to engage life." A must read!


2006 Patricia Ball

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