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Review of "Seven Life Lessons from Noah's Ark"

By Michael Levine
Celestial Arts, 2003
Review by Dick C. on Jan 20th 2005
Seven Life Lessons from Noah's Ark

The purpose of this book is to provide an in depth reflection upon life and to provide inspiration and affirmations of the obvious. This is accomplished by the author through his written word and everyday common sense approach to life. The author provides simple equations for life and living that are so profound and simple that after reading the reader sometimes feels a bit inadequate.

I should make the point that I am twenty years into recovery from the disease of alcoholism. I am a "Traditionalist" which simply means I will reject any attempts to modify the program of recovery that has saved my life. I feel a partial responsibility to ensure that what saved my life remains available to those behind me.

I usually limit my book reviews to works that are directed at specific recovery issues or areas. Thus, when I was asked to review 7 Life Lessons, I approached it with some caution.

Anybody who is traveling the recovery road knows full well that it is very lonely, demanding, repetitive, and often simply boring. Many times in the process you will find yourself searching for an inspiration beyond "Approved Literature". Much like some Gatorade for the distance runner. Certainly this has been my experience. As human beings we all ask I am doing this right? Am I in balance? Kind of a check and balance system on your already "Well Done" inventory and amends issues.

For me, 7 Life Lessons has provided those affirmations. The author writes from very deep within, which for many others and me is a requirement. One important part usually missed by people associated with recovery is the intensity that recovering people have for feelings. The author's work resounds with such feelings.

Make no mistake. The book cannot and does not lead me in the issues of my recovery. It does however provide a kind, gentle, and welcomed respite in the journey.

My opinion is, if you are new to recovery you will not understand all or much of the book. If that is your case, put it up and try it again in another year. My promise to you is that there will come a time when you will understand and appreciate the book in its entirety.

This book is a must read for anyone that wishes to enrich his or her life and live in the center of this creation.


2005 Dick C.


Dick C is a retired business executive. He is himself a recovering alcoholic with twenty years of continuous sobriety. During this time Dick C has spent much of his time in the process of helping others. At one time he was an elected Delegate in the recovery movement. He writes under a pen name to maintain his anonymity. This is a very important part of the overall recovery process. Dick C currently has three published books on the subject of recovery. They are written from the perspective of the addict as opposed to an observer. This review is presented as the reviewer's opinions. He does not represent any organizations or other entities.