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Review of "The Portable Coach"

By Lorraine C. Enos
Hard Shell Word Factory, 1998
Review by Heitor M Quintella on Apr 7th 2002
The Portable Coach

The Portable Coach can play a unique role in the book market, since it has been written by an author who developed an interesting and original method tested step by step with herself, after examining various existing self-help techniques and using them personally. This personal effort commends strongly the book and makes it different from the usual prescriptive professionally impersonal work.

The method of The Portable Coach provides exercises, questionnaires and templates that enables the use of action-oriented, life-changing, simple techniques. In a very organized manner each step will help the reader to define, face and confront his personal challenges, identify causes of hindrances to progress and stimulate him to find dynamic solutions.

In a way, the most important dimensions of personal life can be positively changed by the proposed method, by means of a goal-setting procedure based on self knowledge improvement supported by clever contingency plans.

With a very objective and direct style Enos is successful in keeping the concerned reader motivated all along in this incredibly helpful book.


© 2002 Heitor M Quintella


Link: Available from Hard Shell Press


Prof Dr Heitor M Quintella, Certified Management Consultant, Certified Transactional Analyst, Strategic Planning Consultant, Executive Coach, Vocational Counselor and Academic Supervisor he is a prize winning, best selling author of 18 books and some 200 articles distributed in 35 countries, translator and reviewer of some of the most important Publishers in the world.